We are proud to have completed yet another year of the Eastern European Support Committee of SECEC.

Committee included:

Przemyslaw Lubiatowski from Poland

Nuri Aydin from Turkey

Paolo Paladini from Italy

Janne Lehtinen from Finland

Pericles Papadopoulos from Greece

Gabor Skaliczki from Hungary.

Our members had been incredibly active both as lecturers and organizers of many meetings and courses.


Our aim was to continue and develop our cooperation with 3 main goals in mind: 

  1. The development of education among Eastern European countries
  2. Encourage scientific activity in Eastern Europe
  3.  Gather more SECEC members from EE countries


This report includes our activity since the Milan meeting in 2015.

Major part was educational endeavours. We had 3 courses under the patronage of SECEC in our region.


Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Course (October 2015)

Dr Bartlomiej Kordasiewicz (Otwock, Poland) organized  Shoulder, Ebow and Wrist Course in October 2015, including both lectures and live surgery. The course had proven to be very intense with amazing technical quality, outstanding discussions all generating a friendly and communicative environment. The faculty was international, with many SECEC members including our SECEC Ex-com and our committee (L. Lafosse, P. Lubiatowski). All together the meeting attended 190 participant and lecturers.s


9th International Poznan Course and 1st Meeting of the Polish Shoulder & Elbow Society (March 2016)

In March 2016 Przemysław Lubiatowski had arranged the 9th International Poznan Course and 1st Meeting of the Polish Shoulder & Elbow Society. The course is already a tradition and cooperates in organization alternately with Zagreb members. We are proud to have had around 300 participants, both from Poland and other Eastern European countries, and 48  lecturers from 11 countries (both from SECEC, EUSSER and PSES). As during the previous courses, we had also organised a joint SECEC and EUSSER session on the sports shoulder. The course had also been accompanied by cadaver lab both during, and after, the meeting. In order to encourage scientific activity we had arranged one full day with 31 research presentations. Most of the lectures have been published in IRONS- one of our medical orthopaedic journals.


6th Meeting of the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Serbia in Belgrade

In May 2016, dr Ivica Medinica had organized the 6th Meeting of the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Serbia in Belgrade. This SECEC meeting had gathered 110 participants and wonderful international faculty. Numbers speak for themselves, considering only 400 active orthopaedic surgeons in Serbia. 


Other activities

There has also been activity of other shoulder and elbow societies and centres around the region, namely the Turkish Society had arranged cadaver courses with the support of other members in both events.


The Shoulder Arthroscopy Cadaver Course had been organized in İzmir by Dr Mustafa Yel and Dr Baris Kocaoglu, 21st -22nd  November, 2015. The Shoulder Arthroplasty Course had been organised by Dr. Mustafa Ozkan and Dr. Onur Basci in Izmir, in May 2016.

The Hungarian Shoulder and Elbow Society is expanding with a number of 85 members. During the last society meeting, a new president and vice president had been appointed, namely our former committee member dr Szabó István and our current committee member dr Gabor Skaliczki. DR Skaliczki is organizing a cadaver course in Budapest, in October 2016.

Russian surgeons had organized a number of shoulder and elbow events. The largest, gathering around 400 surgeons, was the ArthoMost- a conference organized by dr Oleg Milenin (Russian national delegate). Although the conference was not under SECEC support, a number of SECEC members had been the faculty (R. Brzoska, E. Goncharov, V. Jermolajevas, B. Kordasiewicz, P. Lubiatowski, O. Milenin, R. Siegienko, S. Strafun, B. Toussaint).

Dr Andrey Ratyev will be organizing the Modern Technology of Treatment in Current Traumatology and Orthopedics  course in Russia and will devote  a full day to shoulder and elbow trauma under the SECEC patronage in November 2016. Shortly after that, the Russian arthroscopic Society will organize an arthroscopic meeting co-organized by dr E. Goncharov, with possible SECEC support.


We are collecting and spreading the information about free participation for the surgeons of our region. This year such offers have been provided from Warsaw (dr Kordasiewicz), Poznan (dr Lubiatowski) and recently from Kuopio (dr Lehtinen).


We are happy to be constantly increasing in numbers in our society. We are also glad to be getting close to finalizing the Eastern European Fellowship, which will allow 2 surgeons from EE to travel to both western and eastern shoulder centers in Europe, gain experience and learn about the society, resulting in becoming our member.


Another way to promote the development of knowledge of the shoulder and elbow of our society is to be present in all places and organize courses in various member countries, an example of which is the organization of the shoulder and elbow meeting by EEC in Romania and Belarus, scheduled for the following year.


One of the major task for next year and certainly long term is to increase the research activity in our part of Europe. The number of publication from the region and presentations at annual meeting is still small. This should be also major taks for national societies.


Best regards


Eastern European Support Committee of SECEC