Welcome to the application for membership of SECEC/ESSSE.
We advocate that you read the instructions carefully before you enter the online application process. Furthermore you need all the required documents as specified below. If you are in doubt we encourage you to discuss your application with your local National Delegate. You can contact your local National Delegate via your national Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery or through this webpage where you will find e-mail adresses of your National Delegates.
Motivation letter: This is a letter you have to write, were you motivate your application for membership of our society.
CV (Curriculum Vitae): This document should give us information on:
1) Personal background with name, age, birthplace, country of citizenship, country for application (if different).
2) Education, University degree’, clinical education, year and place for registration as medical specialist and the speciality.
3) A list of all your scientific publications concerning the shoulder and the elbow joint (the publications will be checked in medline). Furthermore you should list all bookchapters on shoulder and elbow written by you.
4) Participation in SECEC/ESSSE or International shoulder society meetings, memberships of other orthopedic or medical societies, any awards received during your medical carrer and all the fellowships in which you have participated. 
5) Finally your CV should contain a photo of you or you should upload a photo to your application.
This information allows us to evaluate your application and to estimate your amount of point’ according to the point scale defined by SECEC. You need 30 points minimum if you seek ordinary membership.
Sponsorship letter: A letter from an ordinary member of our society that supports your application for membership. At the minimum we need an undersigned statement saying ”I support the application of x.x. for associate-/junior-/ordinary- or.. membership of SECEC”  You need 1 sponsorship letter for associate, affiliate or junior membership. You need 2 sponsorship letters for ordinary or corresponding membership.
You have to fill out all the fields in the application process. When the application is finished you will receive an e-mail that recognizes that we have received your online application. Then the membership committee will seek advice from your local National Delegate before we read and either approve or reject your application. We go through the applications twice a year, July and December.
Every year the General Assemly of our society will vote on the new members after recommendation from the membersip committee.
If we do not accept your application we will inform you by e-mail on our reasons for not accepting you as a member.