DVD Prize

DVD Prize

If you wish to submit a DVD to the Video prize which will be awarded at our next SECEC Meeting, please send back the application form together with the CD in 6 copies to our secretary office before June 30:

SECEC Office

50-52 avenue Cartellier
69230 Saint Genis Laval (France)
email : secec@wanadoo.fr
tel : 33 683 17 86 13


List of past DVD prize

2006: L. Lafosse - "Suprascapular nerve arthroscopic release"

2009: M. Scheibel - "Arthroscopically assisted acromioclavicular joint stabilization for chronic instability"

2014: M. Glanzmann - "The clinical exam of the elbow"

2015: F. Reuther - "RSA for fractures"