SECEC Newsletters

SECEC Newsletters

The newsletter will succeed if the membership take ownership and contribute on a regular basis. All members are again invited to submit interesting and difficult cases. The advantage of a web-based system is that we have the chance to add photographs and video to illustrate cases and techniques.

Our newsletter will, of course, be used to communicate news from our society. We welcome all members to submit news items to share with all of us. Local, national and international shoulder and elbow meetings can be announced through our newsletter. The society may be very valuable to reach many outstanding surgeons all at once.

We are very interested in your opinion and experiences and would like to ask all members to participate in this initiative by sharing your expertise. Please comment on all aspects of the newsletter as much as you will! It is our goal to achieve an open an honest platform for shoulder and elbow surgeons that will all lead us to a greater level. This can only be done with your support.

Thanks for contributing to the Newsletters

Roger van Riet and the website commitee


Previous SECEC Newsletters are now available for download:

Date Author Type Title
2011 Denise Eygendaal Review Article The medial collateral ligament of the elbow
  Toon Van Rabroeckx Case Report Axillary nerve irritation due to an inferior osteophyte after reversed shoulder arthroplasty: A rare complication
  Simon N. Bell Classic paper Our operative approach to the elbow joint by N. Gschwend
  Markus Scheibel Technical Innovation Arthroscopic glenoid reconstruction using an autologous iliac crest bone grafting technique – a technical note
  Denise Eygendaal Paper Discussion Resection arthroplasty for radial head fractures: Long-term follow-up y Iftimie PP et al.
  John Sperling Paper Discussion  Platelet-Rich Plasma Augmentation for Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair A Randomized Controlled Trial by Castricini R, et. al.